The drivel that passes for English today would make Shakespeare turn in his grave! Struggling to teach correct English to high school children for the past three decades made us come up with the idea of English Revisited.

English Revisited, an organization dedicated to the promotion, study and enjoyment of English, is the brainchild of Huzan Sethna and Rama Murarka, friends and trained English language teaching professionals.

We teach reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English in a way that is fun and interesting – for we believe that without enjoyment, no true learning is possible.

English Language Development and Spoken English classes are held regularly for both adults and children of all ages and sizes.

Learn English

Learn to read and comprehend English! Develop your writing and grammar skills! Become skilled at speaking and debating! Learn how to listen and understand what is said! Get a rich and vibrant vocabulary!

Improve Your English

Improve your spoken and written English! Enhance the quality of your writing and the preciseness of your expressions! Speak well and lucidly! Better your speech, enunciation and pronunciation!

Enjoy English

Enjoy learning English in a fun-filled learning experience, keeping in mind learners of multiple intelligences, using audio-visual material like recordings, videos, YouTubes and films; and of course, books, books and more books! Appreciate the power and beauty of the written – or spoken – word! Feel the magic of poetry and rhetoric!

ICSE English / IGCSE English / ISC English / A Levels English Language and Literature / IB English / PSAT / SSAT / SAT English / ACT

We offer a comprehensive English Language and / or Literature teaching programme, which includes explanations and discussions, notes and worksheets, compulsory writing practice and tests. We provide a deep understanding of the curriculum as well as thorough exam – related practice.

Jolly Phonics / Primary and Middle School English / Speech and Drama / Creative Writing

We begin young in order to build up a strong foundation and a sound vocabulary and grammar base.